From Field to Farmstand, Many Helping Hands (July 2, 2019 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - July 2019

This time of year, we are reminded of the bounty that our region has to offer, and almost overwhelmed by the abundance around us. This is visible in the farm stands overflowing with produce in spite of a long and wet spring. Through our many community-oriented endeavors, we strive toward a spirit of collaboration, pooling our skills and resources to pitch in where help is needed.

New Name, Similar Mission: Amagansett Food Institute Is Now East End Food Institute

Southampton Press - June 2019

In June, the Amagansett Food Institute officially changed its name to the East End Food Institute, a change that is reflective of an expanding ethos.

“The name change, for us, really made sense,” Kate Fullam, the institute’s executive director for the past year and a half, said. “I started at the organization in January of 2018, and from that point forward began to get questions about the name, as opposed to our geographic reach. The organization, in our original charter, was more to support and advocate for local food and local producers, so the provision was always broad.”

Let the season begin! (June 4, 2019 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - June 2019

Wonderful things can happen when we gather around a table. Thanks to the attendees of our recent fundraising dinner, hosted by Board Member Sheri Sandler and prepared by Advisory Board member, chef, and nourishment warrior Stefanie Sacks, we raised $5,000 to support the Farm to Community program in April. As a direct result, we were recently able to purchase equipment that increases our refrigeration and freezer capacity by 100 cubic feet. Thanks to all who attended the dinner to support our programming.

Amagansett Food Institute Becomes East End Food Institute

Press Release - June 2019

In June, Amagansett Food Institute will officially change its name to East End Food Institute, a decision made by the non-profit organization’s leadership to reflect the true geographic reach of its programs and its positive impact on the local food system.

Building a Community of Support (May 14, 2019 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - May 2019

In 2010, John de Cuevas and others formed Amagansett Food Institute to support, promote, and advocate for local food and local producers. As the organization has grown over nearly a decade, our approach is deeply rooted in supporting the people who contribute to our local food system.

From our Shores and Soil (March 26, 2019 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - March 2019

Join Amagansett Food Institute, Haskell’s Seafood, and Peconic Baykeeper for an immersive introduction to seafood on Long Island and its sustainability, sourcing, and preparation. Led by those with an abiding commitment to supporting our local food heritage and promoting the health of our waters, this workshop is a deep dive into the bounty of Long Island.

Planting Seeds of Change (March 12, 2019 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - March 2019

Looking for a unique summer experience for your budding chef or farmer? In July and August, Amagansett Food Institute will partner with Allergic to Salad to offer two two-week sessions of healthy, hands on cooking classes for kids. This year's Summer Youth Culinary Experience will include two age groups: ages 7-10 and 11-14.

Seed Starting, Supporting Farmers, Earning Your Chops (February 26, 2019 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - February 2019

Winter is a time of planning for the growing season ahead--drawing field maps and harvest schedules and finding a group of like-minded and hard working humans who can make it all happen.

Sprout Your Skills to Prepare our Local Bounty (February 12, 2019 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - February 2019

Food entrepreneurs are often cast in multiple roles when launching a new business. It can be exhausting to manage being a CEO, sales person, production manager, employer, etc. all at the same time, and food entrepreneurs often feel isolated as a result. Join us for a monthly Lunch & Learn to get connected with other members of the local food community, share ideas, and workshop any and all obstacles you may be facing in launching or growing your business. Each session will be moderated by a member of our team. Ticket price includes a lunch item of your choosing, prepared in our kitchen with local ingredients.

Join us in the Kitchen to Support Farm to Community (January 21, 2019 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - January 2019

We are seeking volunteers this week to help us bring local farm produce to Long Island food pantries. We received 2,000 lbs. of sweet potatoes from Invincible Summer Farms in Southold, NY that will be distributed by Long Island Cares and the Harry Chapin Food Bank. The clock is ticking on this fresh produce so we need all hands on deck this coming week. If you would like to join is in dicing, vacuum sealing and freezing, please send us an email at

A Winter Bounty for Springs Food Pantry

East Hampton Star - January 2019

A pilot program providing low-income families with organic frozen produce through the winter months has made its first delivery to the Springs Food Pantry.

A Time of Reflection and Hope (December 11, 2018 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - December 2018

The end of the year is a time of reflection for most people, and that is most certainly the case for all of us at Amagansett Food Institute.

Our founder, mentor, and friend John de Cuevas passed away last month after a brief illness. For those who knew John, we know you share our grief for this enormous loss. As we carry on his amazing legacy, we welcome you to share your own memories and hopes for the future of our work together

John de Cuevas, Founder of Amagansett Food Institute, Dies at 88

East Hampton Star - December 2018

John de Cuevas, a longtime resident of Amagansett and Cambridge, Mass., died last Thursday. He was 88. Aside from his interest in baking bread and cooking food grown in Amagansett, Mr. de Cuevas was involved as an educator in the East End food movement and was a generous contributor to the Peconic Land Trust and Quail Hill Farm, as well as being a harvesting member of the farm from the early 1990s. In 2010, he and several neighbors started the Amagansett Food Institute, whose main goal is for farms and foodpurveyors to thrive in a supportive community that understands the benefits and uniqueness of local food. The place he most enjoyed living in was Amgansett.

This Giving Tuesday, Support Access to Local Food (November 27, 2018 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - November 2018

With support from The Balm Foundation, we initiated a pilot project in 2018 to take our Farm to Food Pantry Program to the next level. In the past, we aggregated fresh produce from local farms, which was sold to Long Island Caresfood bank. This program was successful in providing over 80,000 pounds of produce over three years to Long Islanders in need, and it also gave farmers a market for their surplus crops.
Still, farmers were often left with produce that was destined for the compost pile, and local food pantries had limited access to local produce over the winter when many farms were not growing. We had to find a better solution.

Local Farm and Kitchen Working to ‘Share the Harvest’ All Year Long

North Forker - November 2018

This year, the farm has been working with Amagansett Food Institute (AFI), an organization that aims to support, promote, and advocate for food producers and providers on the East End to help preserve its year-round offerings. Tonn said the farm has brought AFI over 3,000 pounds of vegetables this year.

November News from Amagansett Food Institute (November 13, 2018 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - November 2018

On Wednesday, 11/7, we gathered with Shane Weeks and Josephine Smith of the Shinnecock Nation, Mimi Edelman of I & Me Farms and Chef Jay Lippin of Baron's Cove for a magical evening exploring elusive heirloom varieties and tracing their lineage.

Something is Cooking at the Amagansett Food Institute

Edible East End - November 2018

Presented by the Amagansett Food Institute, Capt. Haskell kicked off the organization’s new monthly cooking workshops, which will showcase the cooking specialties of local food producers, farmers, and chefs.

Fall News From Amagansett Food Institute (October 30,2018 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - October 2018

The Three Sisters, AKA corn, beans and squash, are planted together in many indigenous traditions since each plant provides a benefit that supports the growth of the trio.

Sustainable Fish Varieties To Be Showcased During Intimate Hands On Hamptons Workshop - October 2018

Amagansett Food Institute's next workshop will revolve around the old adage "Teach a man [woman/person] to fish and they can eat for a lifetime." Taking place on Friday, October 19, Catching, Cleaning, and Cooking Sustainable Seafood will be led by Captain Peter Haskell, a local fisherman and owner of Haskell's Seafood, who will show attendees how to master delicious local underutilized seafood that classgoers may have never even eaten before.

Seasons by the Sea: What Makes Local Local

East Hampton Star - September 2018

Panels at Stony Brook Southampton’s fourth annual Food Lab conference last weekend included international chefs, activists, doctors, nutritionists, foragers, wine and spirits makers, and more, all centered around the theme “Eat Global . . . Cook Local,” a timely topic indeed.

September News from Amagansett Food Institute (September 18, 2018 Newsletter)

East End Food Institute - September 2018

This month AFI resumed our Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) Tours. On Monday, September 10, participants met at KK's the Farm in Southold to learn about biodynamic farming practices. Our next craft tour will take place at Acabonac Farms' pastures in Middle Island on September 18th

Whet Your Appetite for Stony Brook Southampton’s 2018 Food Lab Conference

Dan's Papers - September 2018

Food is one of the defining qualities of culture, and with so many unique cultures around the world, the diversity in the culinary world is immense. Stony Brook University is hosting the Fourth Annual Food Lab Conference, themed “Eat Global…Cook Local,” at the Southampton Campus on September 14–15 as a celebration of that diversity and a great learning experience for all who attend.

Food Entrepreneurs Get a Boost

Southampton Press - July 2018

2018-07-12 Food Entrepreneurs Get Boost: The Southampton Press

South Fork Kitchens Helps Create a More Sustainable and Equitable Food System

Southampton Press - June 2018

It makes sense that one of the East End’s leading supporters of farmers, fishermen and other local food producers would develop a public kitchen accessible to culinary entrepreneurs. At the center of the Stony Brook University Southampton campus is South Fork Kitchens, the brainchild of the Amagansett Food Institute, a nonprofit organization that advocates for local food sustainability and equitability.

Filling A Modest Plate, Sweetly, At Startup Foodcubate

InnovateLI - April 2018

Foodcubate is, essentially, a network hub connecting nine regional kitchen-focused incubators and organizations (including the Amagansett Food Institute and Stony Brook University’s Business Incubator at Calverton) – a focal point for incubator associates and others to share resources, trade ideas and strengthen bonds through panel discussions and meetup events.

Amagansett Food Institute Announces New Executive Director Kate Fullam

AFI - December 2017

Amagansett Food Institute Announces New Executive Director Kate Fullam

The Dirt on Farm to Table

Long Island Pulse - September 2017

The old adage “You are what you eat” actually starts in the soil. Full of organic matter and the nutrients like omega-3, beta-carotene and fatty acids, it is the root of good food. This isn’t lost on East End businesses, many of which practice sustainable farming to keep the soil and environment healthy. These practices ensure that when the farm moves to a person’s table, the food is as safe as it is delicious. Step behind the fence at 8 Hands Farm, Bedell Cellars and the Amagansett Food Institute.

Food Meet-Up Thursday

The East Hampton Star - May 2017

The Amagansett Food Institute will hold the first in a series of business meet-ups for small food producers Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the headquarters of Plain-T, a purveyor of boutique teas, at 87 Powell Avenue in Southampton.

Amagansett Food Institute Will Host Series Of 'Crowdfunding For Small Food Business' Meet-Ups

27 East - May 2017

The Amagansett Food Institute will host the first in a series of small food business meet-up events, which aim to provide small food producers networking opportunities, with “Crowdfunding for Small Food Business” on Thursday, June 22, at Plain-T in Southampton Village.

Merry CSA Day, From The Amagansett Food Institute

Innovate LI - January 2017

In case it somehow escaped your attention, today is CSA Day, a quasi-holiday/day of observance started in 2014 by Small Farm Central, a Pittsburgh-based tech firm that creates software and other digital tools for agricultural entrepreneurs.

Meet the Organization Working to Fight Food Waste on the East End

Edible East End - November 2016

Forty-percent of the food produced in this country ends up rotting either in the fields or in landfills. Let’s work together to change that.

Attend: Lost Foods, New Foods: Artisan Cuisine & Wines Benefit

Edible East End - July 2016

Agricultural history meets agricultural future at a deep and delicious event to benefit The Amagansett Food Institute (AFI) and the Southampton Historical Museum. Lost Foods, New Foods: Artisan Cuisine & Wines on the South Fork, taking place on Thursday, August 25 from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Sayre Barn of the museum, will give attendees the opportunity to support local agriculture, meet some of the new chefs and food producers coming up in the neighborhood, and to go deep, discovering traditional foods and ingredients that had all but disappeared until recently.

Amagansett Food Institute and Southampton Historical Museum Hosting "Lost Foods, New Foods"

Hamptons Online - July 2016

The Amagansett Food Institute (AFI) and the Southampton Historical Museum are pairing up this August to host what will surely be one of the most delicious events of the summer! On Thursday, August 25th, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., the two local staples will be presenting a special "Lost Foods, New Foods: Artisan Cuisine & Wines on the South Fork" event at the Sayre Barn at the Rogers Mansion in Southampton.

"Lost Foods, New Foods" Celebrates East End Food & Wine

Sag Harbor Express - July 2016

Sometimes to find something new and fresh, you need to look back to something old and forgotten. That’s the way it’s been with the local agriculture, which has been as alive on the East End as it ever has been. With young farmers and food purveyors flooding the farmers’ markets from Riverhead to Montauk, the agricultural practices that first sustained the Hamptons are experiencing a rebirth.

Museum, Food Institute Will Celebrate Lost Foods, New Foods

27 East - July 2016

In recent years, the East End has seen a resurgence in the growth and production of crops and foods that were historically made here, a fact that the Southampton Historical Museum and the Amagansett Food Institute will celebrate at the inaugural Lost Foods, New Foods benefit on Thursday, August 25.

A Food Movement Grows in Amagansett

Innovate LI: - July 2016

There’s fresh thinking and then there’s the Amagansett Food Institute, which operates well ahead of the food-innovation curve on its mission to promote regional producers.

Amagansett Food Institute to Host Fundraiser at Southampton Historical Museum

Newsday - July 2016

At the Southampton fundraiser “Lost Foods, New Foods,” the Amagansett Food Institute is showcasing the bounty and ingenuity of Long Island’s East End. The elegant grounds of the Southampton Historical Museum will be the setting for a tasting of local foods and wines on Thursday, Aug. 25, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Amagansett Farmers Market to Open Over Memorial Day Weekend

Hamptons Online - April 2016

Over Memorial Day weekend, the Amagansett Food Institute will host the Amagansett Farmers Market seasonal opening, featuring live music, tastings, and local food for purchase. The Market, which showcases locally grown produce prepared by local and regional providers, will debut on Friday, May 27th at 7 a.m.

Amagansett Farmers' Market Set to Open for Season

East Hampton Patch - April 2016

There's nothing that signifies the start of summer more than the opening of farmers' markets on the East End, bursting with abundance and fresh produce. The Amagansett Farmers' Market, located at 367 Main Street in Amagansett, is set for its seasonal opening on May 27 through May 30, when the market will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

News for Foodies 05.19.16

The East Hampton Star - April 2016

The Beacon restaurant in Sag Harbor opened yesterday for the 2016 season. Dinner is being served starting at 6 p.m., Wednesdays through Mondays. The chef, Sam McCleland, will be adding new seasonal dishes to the tried-and-true menu choices.

Suffolk County Inmates Assist in Amagansett Through Vocational Training Program

27 East - April 2016

Last week Suffolk County inmates donning orange jumpsuits worked to clean and restore the Amagansett Farmer’s Market as armed correction officers looked on. These work crews are part of the county’s Vocational Training Program, developed about four years ago by Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco, which provides communities with labor through trained, prescreened, low security inmates.

At Home in the Land of Milk & Honey

Sag Harbor Express Harvest Magazine - October 2015

Local Hampton's newspaper, which has served the East End, and specifically the historic Village of Sag Harbor and its surrounding communities, since 1859.

Amagansett Farmers Market and Finnwheel Farm

Sustainable East End Podcast - August 2015

Here are programs produced byWPKN’s East End Long Island news and public affairs volunteers. WPKN 89.5 Bridgeport and WPKM 88.7 Montauk are listener supported radio stations with a volunteer staff. see

New Take on an Old Favorite

The East Hampton Star - July 2015

Customers expecting overflowing bins of fresh produce or deli cases bursting with prepared foods might be confused upon entering the new Amagansett Farmers Market, which the Amagansett Food Institute reopened on Aug. 1. The selection is small compared to what was offered by previous proprietors. Take a closer look, though, and you’ll notice that almost everything in the market, save the olive oil, is grown or produced on Long Island or in New York State, some of it at the institute’s own business-incubator kitchen at Stony Brook Southampton, called South Fork Kitchens.

20 Reasons to Visit the NEW Amagansett Farmers Market

Edible East End - July 2015

The Amagansett Farmers Market, the half-century old farm stand at the east end of Amagansett’s Main Street, reopened August 1. Operated for the last few years by Eli Zabar, the market will now operated by the nonprofit Amagansett Farm Institute, whose mission to support the local food economy means the products on the shelves couldn’t be more mouth-watering and consciously curated. There’s a bevy of Hudson Valley yogurts, Brooklyn pasta, Empire State cheeses, Montauk lemonade and more East End fruits and vegetables than you can shake a spoon at. We’ve put together a little list of pantry stuffers and look forward to see what they add and change with the seasons. And we encourage you to get there as soon as you can.

Amagansett Farmers Market Opens Under New Management

27 East - July 2015

There was a steady hum of enthusiasm Saturday morning, as residents and vacationers milled about the newly opened Amagansett Farmers Market. Bikes were perched against the low green building, pets led their dog owners around and families settled in the outside sitting area, enjoying their food in the open air.While many recalled the bygone years when the farmers market was packed, it was early in the morning—and the season—for any speculation as to the success of a venture that had started only that morning.

Amagansett Farmers Market Is Back

Dan's Papers - July 2015

A crucial pit stop on the road to Montauk has returned! For the rest of the summer season, residents and visitors can look forward to a convenient source of fresh and local produce, because the Amagansett Farmers Market is back. After a brief closure resulting from the expiration of the previous tenant’s lease, The Amagansett Food Institute (AFI) reopened the Market on Saturday, August 1.

Amagansett Farmers Market to Reopen, With an Emphasis on Local

New York Times - June 2015

For those who have passed the shuttered Amagansett Farmers Market with heavy hearts this summer, there is cause for celebration. The market, which has been closed since late 2014, will reopen Aug. 1.

Amagansett Food Institute to Take Over Amagansett Farmers Market

Edible East End - June 2015

According to a Monday press release, the Amagansett Food Institute announced it signed a lease with the Peconic Land Trust to operate the Amagansett Farmers Market, at 367 Main Street in Amagansett, with a planned opening on August 1.

Amagansett Food Institute to Take Over Farmers Market

The East Hampton Star - June 2015

Several months after a new tenant for the Amagansett Farmers Market was expected to be named, the Peconic Land Trust and the Amagansett Food Institute, a nonprofit organization of farmers and food producers, announced on Monday that the latter has signed a lease to operate the market. The institute plans an Aug. 1 opening of the longtime landmark on the hamlet's Main Street.

AFI Signs Lease for Amagansett Farmers Market

Sag Harbor Online - June 2015

On Monday, the Amagansett Food Institute (AFI) announced it has signed a lease with The Peconic Land Trust to operate the iconic Amagansett Farmers’ Market on Main Street in Amagansett. The Institute said it would open the facility on August 1.

Amagansett Food Institute Partners with Peconic Land Trust for Amagansett Farmers Market - June 2015

"We are thrilled to be able to showcase the best of East End produce and food products and look forward to working with the community to bring more awareness of local food and food related issues," expressed Kathleen Masters, Executive Director of the Amagansett Food Institute.

Focusing on the Business of Food at Stony Brook Southampton

The Sag Harbor Express - May 2015

In case you haven’t noticed, the food industry is booming — not just here, but everywhere. Nationally, cooking shows are all the rage as are locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Meanwhile, chefs (both professional and amateur) are developing imaginative new ways to use never before heard of products in their dishes.

Geoffrey Drummond: From the Food Set to the Food Lab

The East Hampton Star - April 2015

If the name Geoffrey Drummond is not familiar, it should be. For years, the East Hampton-based producer and director has provided armchair epicureans the vicarious thrill of watching others perform miraculous feats in the kitchen. From his early work on PBS, first with Jacques Pepin and then with Julia Child, to his latest Emmy-winning series with Eric Ripert, he has channeled his appreciation of all things culinary to introduce Americans to great chefs the world over.

East End Eats: The Best Kept Secret

The East Hampton Star - October 2014

A few weeks ago a friend asked if I would like to sample some of the best, freshest, cheapest food available, in other words, one of the best-kept secrets on the East End. How is it I didn’t know of this special place, this little jewel of a cafe, open five days a week for lunch? One reason could be that it is essentially a Russian nesting doll.

Amagansett Food Institute on WPPB 88.3 Radio

Stirring the Pot with Stefanie Sacks - June 2014

Amagansett Food Institute (AFI), whose mission is to support, promote, and advocate for the farmers, vintners, fishermen, and other food producers and providers on the East End of Long Island officially has a nest. Now located on the Southampton campus of Stonybrook University, AFI’s full service commercial kitchen, called Southfork Kitchens, is the home to Carissa’s Breads, Dock to Dish, Miss Lady Root Beer among many others. The Institute’s vision is to create a community where all farms and food businesses are thriving. Their work goes beyond the kitchen into advocacy, a farm to pantry program, a farmer training collaborative and more. Executive Director Kathleen Masters and AFI's Kitchen Manager Carissa Waechter will join the show to enlighten us about this incredible collaborative, the work they are doing and how you can get involved.

Wheat into Bread and Fruit into Jam in Southampton's New Cooperative Kitchen

Edible Low Summer Issue - May 2014

The smell of baking bread wafts over gleaming steel countertops in the spacious South Fork Kitchens, a new commercial venture open to local food producers and businesses at the Southampton campus of Stony Brook University. Carissa Waechter of Carissa’s Breads has several flour-dusted loaves in the oven, trying out the facilities before they welcome businesses and farmers who have eagerly signed up to use the space.

Small Batch Food Producers Get a Kitchen of Their Own

The Sag Harbor Express - March 2014

Imagine a farmer searching for ways to get the most out of a bumper crop of strawberries this June. Besides selling them by the quart, along with every other farmer whose crop has just come in, he might want to try his hand at making jam to sell at the farmers market later in the season. The same might be true of a cook who wants to use local tomatoes to sell the sauce her friends have been raving about for years.

Stony Brook University Leases Kitchen at Southampton Campus To Local Non-Profit

The Southampton Press - March 2014

Stony Brook University will rent its commercial kitchen at the Southampton campus to the Amagansett Food Institute as part of a business incubator initiative put forth by the local nonprofit.

Getting Fresh Local Food to Those in Need

Edible East End - November 2013

Amagansett Food Institute has partnered with Long Island Cares, the island’s biggest food bank and a leader in the fight against hunger.

Amagansett Food Institute Partners with LI Cares to Make Fresh Produce Accessible

The Sag Harbor Express - July 2013

The Amagansett Food Institute (AFI) is a not-for-profit that supports farmers and food producers on the East End. With more than twenty members from local farms, beverage producers, bakeries and salt mongers, AFI is constantly looking for new ways to contribute to a thriving local food economy. They have helped in creating farm apprenticeships, education initiatives, and are currently working on establishing a commercial kitchen incubator locally. But one recent triumph came when AFI partnered up with Long Island Cares to close a gap in the food system, bringing fresh local produce to people who really need it.