Apprentice Matching

NOTE: As of 2/26/2021, we will no longer be accepting new applications for mentors or apprentices. Please check back next year!


Apprentice Matching is a service we provide to help you recruit apprentices for your farm or food business. If you are new to the program, please scroll down to find out more. 

What is Apprentice Matching? We know you are busy running & operating your business and prepping for the coming season, so why not let us help out with recruitment? The goal is to provide support in outreach and interviewing of apprentices. 

How does it work? We learn about your business operation, advertise open positions, review first-round applications, and match you with prospective candidates. We promote open positions across social media platforms in addition to marketing on targeted job boards and beyond. When we find a match that meets your criteria, we will send you the application directly so you can take the next steps.

Why participate? Many apprentices matched by our team have stayed on the East End to work in food. Amber Waves Farm, Sylvester Manor, and Share the Harvest Farm have employed but a few success stories, and the program growth has led to our website being featured at the top of Internet search results. 

We also offer additional learning opportunities for apprentices through the East End chapter of the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT). East End Food Institute collaborates with farm members to organize a series of bi-weekly tours and workshops that runs from April through October. The CRAFT tours provide an added value for apprentices looking to work on the East End, and we strongly encourage all farm members to participate by hosting or attending tours. 

How can I sign up? Apprentice Matching is available to all current EEFI members at the $150 level or above. If you need to renew your annual membership, now is a great time to do so! Please refer to our website for a reminder of membership benefits. CRAFT remains a no-cost program with the goal of supporting local farms, food businesses, and their teams. Please reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Important Note: In its effort to match applicants and farms, EEFI reserves the right to share applications with as many or as few participating farms as it chooses. This is a matching service only. EEFI is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by either the farm or the applicant. Intending participants are urged to explore all aspects of the apprentice-employer relationship before moving forward. By agreeing to use this service you are agreeing that EEFI has no responsibility for the terms and conditions of the relationship or its outcome.

Apprentice Applicants

East End Food Institute’s Apprentice Matching service offers the opportunity to apply to multiple farms and food businesses on Long Island through one application. We connect individuals who are interested in working in sustainable food businesses with those who want to share their expertise. Our mentors include a wide variety of food businesses, including bakers, beverage makers, farmers, fisherman, and more. Each operation offers unique opportunities for hands-on training. Some provide housing and some offer access to additional benefits such as free food. 

East End Food Institute connects apprentices with additional educational opportunities through our East End chapter of the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT). We collaborate with farm members to organize a series of bi-weekly tours and workshops for these apprentices that run from April through October. Tours include a wide variety of farming models unique to the East End, such as vineyards, orchards, fish and shellfish hatcheries, livestock, and more. The CRAFT program also provides apprentices with an opportunity to network and socialize with members of the farming community, the local food movement, and like-minded individuals. 

    Apprentice Testimonials 

    “I used AFI [now EEFI]’s apprentice matching program in 2017. I was unsure about what type of farm I was interested in and AFI pointed me in a few different directions so I could explore my options. I wound up at Amber Waves, which was a perfect fit for me. The apprentice matching program made the application process to so many farms a little less daunting. Now I'm about to start my third season at Amber Waves, doing the most rewarding work, working with the land and giving back to the community!”

     Isabel Milligan, Amber Waves Farm, 2019 

    “My internship at ELIJA Farm has been fantastic, I’ve learned so much about farming as well as working with people on the autism spectrum. When I first started at ELIJA I had a lot to learn about farming, thanks to the fantastic team here I have a lot more knowledge on the subject. I also didn’t have very much exposure to working with people on the autism spectrum, but after a season I have a lot more confidence working with both young adults and children. Initially when I began working at ELIJA I didn’t realize how well of a match it would be, it’s very rewarding work that unites many different members of the community.”

    Michael Howell, ELIJA Farm, 2019

    "I was an apprentice at the Share the Harvest Farm, a local non-profit farm in East Hampton, NY, that primarily serves food pantries, low income housing, and other fresh food insecure populations. The people at STH (both the farm manager and my fellow farm crew apprentices) are amazing and they made my time a summer to remember...I created amazing connections, had meaningful conversations, and learned so much that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. It’s physically demanding work but definitely worthwhile if you love it!"

    Myra Arshad, Share the Harvest Farm, 2020