Food Business Members

Supporting East End Food Institute means joining a community of growers, producers, and consumers working to cultivate a more sustainable and equitable food system on the East End of Long Island. Learn more about our membership levels below. If you have questions, please call us at (631) 632-5129 or email

Business Membership is meant to highlight the best of what the East End of Long Island has to offer, including locally grown and crafted food and beverages, and local businesses that support our food. Our members include farmers, fishermen, vintners, brewers, food and beverage entrepreneurs, chefs, restaurants, institutions, distributors, and more. 


Our Business Members

Robert's Bakestand

Robert Curreri graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1988 and has worked as a professional Chef ever since. At the beginning of his career, he was fortunate enough to work at the Plaza Athenee in NYC as a pastry apprentice to chocolatier Norbert Meunier. He worked under Chef Lydia Shire in Boston before relocating to Buffalo to open his own restaurant, Fiddle Heads. The farmer’s market themed restaurant received a four star review in the Buffalo news and was featured in Bon Appetit. Returning to NYC, he worked under Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin and Bobby Flay at Bolo. When Curreri moved to Hampton Bays as a full time resident in 2017 he returned to his pastry roots and started Robert’s Bakestand at East End Food Institute. Robert’s fruit pies and Chocolate Truffle Bars can be found at the Hampton Bays and Westhampton Beach Farmers’ Markets, as well as Milk Pail in Water Mill.

Finn's Smoked Fish Dip

Finn’s Smoked Fish Dips is Seafood HACCP Certified and manufactures under a 20-C Food Manufacturing License. As owner and operator, Paul Slovak is hands-on with everything. He makes sales calls to achieve distribution into retail accounts, loads and drives a refrigerated truck to deliver product to retail accounts in a 150-mile radius, packs out product, rotates product and otherwise manages product placements. Today Finn’s can be found at select gourmet food stores in Nassau and Rockland Counties and seasonally at Suffolk County seafood shops and farmers markets. Learn more at

Honest Catering

Honest Catering brings the food and service you know and love from Nick & Toni’s, Rowdy Hall, La Fondita and TownLine BBQ to your next special event. From fun and casual back-yard barbecues and Mexican fiestas to elegant cocktail parties, sit-down dinners and weddings, we can offer variety and consistency of quality like no other caterer in the Hamptons. As committed to our community as we are to our clients, we bring the local bounty of the East End to all of our restaurant and catering clientele.

Long Island Food Council

The Long Island Food Council acts as an advocate for the Long Island Food and Beverage industry, an information hub and a catalyst for networking. They are committed to offering meaningful benefits and the resources you need to grow and run a profitable business. They aim to leverage the power of the food and beverage industry to help grow the economy on Long Island.

Hamptons Haute

Christine Clemens is the owner and head chef of Hamptons Haute, a catering and private chef business that also sells specialty cookies to local markets. Christine uses her network of farmers to purchase locally grown produce as well as grass-fed, organic meats. Hamptons Haute emphasizes that the greatest foods come straight from the earth to your table and that there is no need to use artificial ingredients when making high-quality dishes.

Share the Harvest Farm

Share the Harvest Farm, located at EECO Farm on Long Lane in East Hampton, provides organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs to local food pantries and other organizations. Community outreach and education are also important components of its mission.

East End Cowboy

After many years of hosting big backyard barbecues for friends and family at his home in East Hampton, Jason Wagenheim launched East End Cowboy to develop a line of barbecue sauces and rubs inspired by the flavors and ingredients found on the South Fork. East End Cowboy uses locally-sourced produce and supports the farming community in Long Island by incorporating local ingredients into its products and recipes, and promoting farms and local food businesses. Instagram: @east.end.cowboy.

Balsam Farms

Balsam Farms grows a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs, and is perhaps best known for its delicious corn. You can find Balsam Farms’ produce at its farm stand in Amagansett and at many local farmers markets and restaurants. Balsam Farms also offers a CSA membership each season.

The Milk Pail

The Milk Pail was founded by the John and Evelyn Halsey in 1969. Today the farm is run by their daughters, Jennifer and Amy, who are twelfth generation farmers. The Milk Pail’s farm stand in Water Mill is open year-round and sells apples, peaches, pumpkins, and other fruits as well as unusual bedding plants that are grown in Amy’s greenhouse. The Milk Pail also offers you-pick apples and pumpkins in the fall.

Batter and Bubbles LLC

Batter & Bubbles LLC is a catering company serving top quality authentic Liege waffles and handcrafted bellinis using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients. Created in-house using the best French pastry flour, butter, eggs, vanilla and authentic Belgian Pearl Sugar, Batter & Bubbles Liege waffles are rich, fluffy and buttery on the inside and crispy and caramelized on the outside. Waffles can be delivered or made-to-order at any special event.

Soul Magic Healing Cacao

Janna has had a long background participating in many aspects of health and healing. She started out educating herself and others in nutrition, making healthy food, and writing for the Mothers Center newsletter and her articles were picked up by Merrick Life Newspaper. Janna taught healthy cooking to support others in making transitions to a healthy diet. Janna began learning about all aspects of energetic healing. She became an ordained Interfaith minister, a Reiki master, was certified in hypnosis, and breathwork called Rebirthing, and developed a vibrational healing work called Soul Magic Healing. Janna was guided to put the Soul Magic Healing into raw cacao bars, with chanting and raising their frequency in singing bowls. This has brought her full circle back to her nutrition and cooking while incorporating her healing and spiritual work as well.

For Goodness Cakes, Inc.

For Goodness Cakes Incorporated was founded and owned by Paul A. Drummond a Suffolk County native. Paul started a specialty food company for the purpose of creating a line of products based on his recipe. For Goodness Cakes developed line of fish crab products marketed for wholesale. These items are positioned as a uniquely high-end gourmet product at a very affordable price. The customer base of over a hundred clients includes delis, restaurants, fish stores, grocery and gourmet markets. Paul will be working at South Fork Kitchens to develop a cooked retail package for his burger and appetizer size product.

Aki's Kitchen

Aki grew up in Antwerp, Belgium and has recently relocated from Connecticut to the Hamptons. She has always been passionate about food, but especially creating quality soups as a staple of her meals. She’s a strong believer in healthy and properly sourced produce. All of her cooking has been locally sourced; organic whenever possible.

Therefore, for her there was no better choice then to move to Eastern Long Island because of all the local farming. Her mother always said “love goes through the stomach” which is true but Aki always felt that “if you eat well, you live well”

Homeslice Pizza & Catering

With over 20 years of experience in the Hamptons in the restaurant and catering business, our employees know how to meet your needs and fast. We know what you want before you want it. We call it concierge catering. The result is an extraordinary experience. Watch the wood-fired oven work its wonders, taste pizza after pizza, and then, our grand finale, we serve you our own gourmet dessert pizzas. Night falls and the oven keeps glowing, still warm to give you a pizza to-go for a late night snack.

Chef Michael Meehan

Working with fresh, seasonal and local bounty is at the root of Michael Meehan’s cooking style. No stranger to favorable reviews, he has been dubbed “one of the region’s super chefs” by the New York Times’ Joanne Starkey, and “a seafood star” and “stellar chef” by Newsday’s Peter Gianotti. In his first Chef position on Long Island, Meehan earned three three-star, or excellent, reviews from Newsday for his New American cuisine at Mill River Inn in Oyster Bay. Drawn to the farms and wineries of Long Island’s East End, Meehan moved further east in the early aughts, settling on the bucolic North Fork where he developed relationships with farmers, baymen and other purveyors of local bounty. In 2019 he returned to the former Mill River Inn to open the farm to table River Road American Bistro. Meehan is also head chef at Vauxhall and New Wave restaurants, both in Huntington.

Sen Restaurant

Sen Restaurant is a Sag Harbor main stay destination for fine Japanese cuisine. Our focus is on the food, where it comes from, how it’s prepared, and what it means to our guests. Sen has been open for 25 years, and many know it is a busy place to go during the summer months but take advantage of the off season and take part in our Chef's Dinners throughout the fall, winter and spring. They highlight their products by bringing in the farmers, makers, distillers that create these beautiful items and you will learn as you enjoy a fantastic meal.


Australian Chef Lisa Rutherford runs Lisadan, specializing in small luncheon, dinner and canapé parties as well as producing delicious weekly products such as quiches and pies to sell. Lisadan is proud to support local farm stands and businesses always preferring the wonderful quality and variety available in the area.

Panoram Asados

Panoram Asados is a full-service caterer of premium Argentine Asado Experiences, owned and operated by native Argentine and wine importer, Mariano Cebrián. An "asado" is the most popular social gathering in Argentina centered around slowing down and reconnecting with those around you while enjoying Argentine grilled delicacies cooked onsite and hot off the grill. It's a celebration of seared meats, Argentine wine, community and culture. Panoram Asados brings this ancestral Argentine experience to your backyard or event space.

The Argentine Asado Experience is great for private events, home entertaining, corporate dinners or any kind of celebration.

Treiber Farms

Founded in Peconic, NY by a father-son duo, Peter Senior and Peter Junior, Treiber Farms is reviving the craft of farming as a creative collaboration with nature’s raw materials: seeds, soil, water, sunshine and plenty of hard work. On their 60 acres on Long Island’s North Fork, they use sustainable methods and resourceful ingenuity to produce a wide range of flavorful foods for local chefs and eaters, and they also cross-pollinate agriculture and the arts through collaborations and events in the field, at their Old Barn, and beyond.

Wolffer Estate Vineyards

Wölffer Estate is a leader in the wine industry, setting high expectations for the East Coast. Through the vision of Joey and Marc Wölffer, the meticulous care of Vineyard Manager Richie Pisacano and the creative talent of Winemaker/Partner Roman Roth, Wölffer has built a lasting foundation for world-class wines.

Inti Chicha

Inti Chicha sprung from the desire to share a millennia-old tradition that eating and drinking well is part of honoring your body physically, emotionally, and mentally. Chicha is a natural fermented probiotic beverage that was produced for centuries during the Inca Empire. It is still consumed in South America as part of their cultural tradition, as people continue to extol its health benefits.

The Hoppy Acre

The Hoppy Acre is a small farm located in Amagansett, NY. They focus on growing hops for beer and hot peppers for their Springs Fireplace hot sauce and salsa. You can find Springs Fireplace products for sale online and at markets in East Hampton and Amagansett. The Hoppy Acre hops are available for sale at Bitters & Esters, a home brew shop in Brooklyn, NY. They are currently in the process of being certified organic.

Rena's Dream Patties

Alayah Hewie is a lifelong resident of East Hampton, NY. Her grandmother, Rena Hewie-Stout migrated from her native country of Jamaica in the 1980s and opened the first Jamaican restaurant on North Main Street in East Hampton. Rena's Dream Patties revives her grandmother’s spirit. It is a re-born Jamaican patty experience that incorporates the local food movement while preserving traditional Jamaican flavors. Alayah’s goal is to bring Rena's Dream Patties to the masses, and she is working on growing her business.

Sang Lee Farms

Sang Lee Farms, in Peconic, NY, has been producing vegetables since the 1940s. Fred and Karen Lee and their children manage the farm with a focus on sustainable land stewardship. They grow more than 100 varieties of organically certified fruits and vegetables, which are availalbe at their farm stand as “Fresh-Lee Cut” products. They also offer CSA memberships and sell their produce at local farmers markets.

Carissa's Breads

Carissa Waechter of Carissa'a Breads uses local whole wheat flour that she hand mills herself in the breads and other products she bakes. She also uses only fresh, local herbs and vegetables in her focaccias and pizzas. Carissa now operates a bakery and a restaurant, both in Easthampton.

Amber Waves Farm

Amanda Merrow and Katie Baldwin founded Amber Waves Farm in 2009. They now grow 250 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables, maintain a flock of 100 laying hens, and have revived the cultivation of organic wheat on the East End. They have also made education a central part of their mission and work with local schools to introduce children to the basics of farming. Amber Waves Farm offers a CSA membership and sells its products at local farmers markets.

Moji Masala

Moji Masala provides freshly-ground, single serving, dry Indian spice mixtures so you can cook quick, easy, fantastically flavorful Indian dishes. We start with high quality spices in their natural whole-seed form, grinding and storing them appropriately to maintain an aroma and flavor shelf-life of a few weeks. This is a far cry from the powdery blends that can sit on a dusty spice shelf for years. So take a packet of Moji Masala, buy a few other basic grocery items, use our simplified recipes and be prepared to amaze yourself by your authentic Indian cooking skills!

Insatiable EATS

Insatiable EATS is a full-service niche catering company with event planning specialists. Led by master chef Marco Barrila, the creative kitchen team performs all types of farm-to-table, international and themed menus. Chef Barrila combines a hyper local farm-fresh approach with the best of exotic and imported ingredients. From intimate fine dining affairs with cocktail and wine pairings to formal 500 guest celebrations to weddings and everything in between, Insatiable Eats offers an array of services that can meet any level of service! The sleek service team is matched to the style of the event and is designed to help with any and all your entertaining needs.

The Green Thumb Organic Farm

The Raymond Halsey family, who own and manage The Green Thumb Organic Farm in Water Mill, NY, have farmed the same land for over 300 years. They are committed to sustainable agriculture, which means using organic, natural farming practices. They grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs, which they offer through CSA memberships and at their famous farmstand on the Montauk Highway, open from May through November.

AB Fresh Food

AB Fresh Food is a food based business that works with people with disabilities and veterans. The goal of AB fresh food is to deliver high quality food along with bridging the gap between persons with disabilities and normal working environments.

Quail Hill Farm

Quail Hill Farm, a stewardship project of the Peconic Land Trust and one of the oldest CSA farms in the country, covers 30 acres of land in Amagansett, grows more than 500 varieties of fruits and vegetables, and offers CSA memberships to more than 250 families. Its produce is also available at local farmers markets.

Squared GF

Squared GF makes delicious gluten free desserts. Lemon Squares and Bourbon Maple Pecan Squares. They are four squares in a box.

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm, on Shelter Island, NY, has embarked on a new era as a nonprofit organic farm, historic plantation and vibrant arts and education center, with programs open to all. The farm grows a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers that are available at our Farmstand and through CSA memberships. Our mission is to preserve, cultivate and share the history of Sylvester Manor to ensure that food and art remain connected to the community and the land.


Kombat-Cha a light effervescent, probiotic tea, containing the highest quality of superfoods, was born at home, and is made for all looking to be more balanced in their body. This extraordinary beverage penetrates the sweet senses of your palette with flavors you're drawn to and allows the super powers of this 2,000-year-old beverage recipe to course through your body and leave a true smile on your face. AND it’s the only small batch brewed healthy elixir produced right here in the Hamptons.

Rustik Cake Studio

Rocio Fukuda, originally from Peru, has a passion for art--specifically sculpting. But the love for food led her to a degree in Food Service Administration and a Certification in Dietary Management. By that time the Cake industry started growing because of all the new shows on TV, and she realized she could combine her passions and make Edible Sculptures. Rocio began working as a Cake Designer, specializing in breathtaking Wedding Cakes. She was featured a couple of times in the “International Cake Exploration Society Magazine” and “Newsday Long Island”. After years of winning multiple Cake Competitions she decided to share her passion by teaching at Rustik Cake Studio Corporation. Recently, Rocio Fukuda become “Gelato Maker Certified” and “Certified Professional Chocolatier," offering those services to her clients as well.

Josephine's Feast!

Laura O’Brien founded Josephine’s Feast! in 2009 and makes artisanal preserves of highest quality. She hand-prepares every jar using seasonal fruit responsibly grown by East End farmers and her own apple pectin stock. Her other products include chutneys, spice rubs and blends, heirloom cakes, fruit butters, and more. Josephine’s Feast products can be found at local farmer's markets and ordered online.