Site Plan Vision

The East End Food Hub campus in Riverhead is designed to centralize East End Food Institute programs, including: retail farmers market, demonstration space for food and nutrition education, community kitchen to launch small scale food and beverage businesses, food processing area for high volume value-added processing, warehouse and cold storage for aggregation and distribution of locally grown and made goods, and accommodations for short and long term food system workers and conference attendees. The site is fully contained and walkable, but also located at a visible and accessible gateway to the East End.

Food Hub Site Plan Rendering

On the northern portion of the site, East End Food Institute plans to renovate an existing building (1) to accommodate a community kitchen and retail farmers market, and to centralize its operations at the Riverhead site. Future phases of the site development will include a new building (2) with a multipurpose space to accommodate expansion of the farmers market and educational programs. Another building (3) will be a farm-to-freezer operation to amplify programmatic impact through minimal processing of local produce to maximize the growing season. Blue shaded areas will be accessible only by East End Food Institute staff and producers to maintain food safety standards. Orange shaded areas will be open to the public with views into food processing spaces (blue shaded).