Food Production

for Producers
Bob Hatton | Associate


East End Food provides invaluable support to food producers through our shared community kitchen. By renting space in our well-equipped facility, producers can bring their culinary creations to life, develop recipes and efficiently scale their production. The professional environment and access to top-notch equipment allow producers to hone their craft while minimizing overhead costs. East End Food's commitment to fostering success enables food producers to thrive, grow their businesses and bring delicious products to market.


Private label recipes are a great option for farms with surplus produce. Our team has developed many recipes that can be adapted using various fruits, vegetables and herbs.

If you have recipes you’d like to turn into retail or wholesale products, we can help you develop, test and scale up your recipe for production. If needed, we’ll file the necessary paperwork with Cornell Food Venture Center to certify your shelf-stable goods and produce those for you. During our slower season, November through May, we are available to explore new recipe-testing and co-packing relationships with farmers and small-scale food producers.

Our shared community kitchen is available for licensed businesses to produce their own products. Bookings are conveniently managed via an online system to fit your schedule and production needs.*

*Our kitchen is currently full. Interested applicants should complete the Kitchen Interest Form to join the waitlist.

We offer workshops and trainings with certified professionals in First Aid/CPR, food managers courses and more.