Jermaine Owens

North Fork Seafood

Jermaine Owens was raised in Riverhead and the North Fork and spent his earliest days watching his father, Thomas Reed, a professional fish cutter, hard at work processing fish that would come into Greenport's Cooper's Fish Store from local fishing boats.

Since those earliest days, Jermaine has worked for decades in every aspect of the fishing industry, from boats to markets. And he's a master fisherman as well! Most notable to his many trades is fish cutting, which he started learning at age nine, and which he calls "a dying art."

Jermaine, since as long as he can remember, wanted to eventually start his own fish business. And by 2020, he was gearing up to start North Fork Seafood alongside Daniele Cullen (partner in business and life), a full-service seafood company offering both wholesale and home delivery and focusing on underutilized seafood like porgy, fluke, sea robin, sea bass and blackfish. Like so many that started businesses that year, the covid pandemic either shut them down or propelled them into the future. Fortunately for Owens, it was the latter, and their delivery service took off.

North Fork Seafood has been a member with East End Food since late 2021 and is a popular vendor at the East End Food Market.