Marie-Line Grinda

The Gut Goodness

A couple of years ago, East Hampton resident Marie-Line Grinda discovered buckwheat, and it was a game changer. She had been working for years on addressing personal digestive issues and found that buckwheat was a gluten free solution that also offered good-quality protein, fiber, magnesium and essential amino acids.

Soon after, Marie-Line was obsessed with the one-ingredient bread, slicing it into crackers and adding different seeds for flavor. She started to bring goodie bags of her creations to all of her friends. This organically led to the launch of a new brand: The Gut Goodness. It sellsĀ  breads, crackers, granolas, rice puffs and cashew spread, all made from buckwheat and other organic ingredients, with the idea of enjoying a pain-free digestive eating experience while addressing serious gut issues.

Marie-Line's "buckwheat revolution" can be found at the East End Food Market, other farmers markets, select stores, and online. She has been an active member of East End Food since September 2021 and uses the commercial kitchen to make her products.