Peter Treiber Sr. & Jr.

Treiber Farms

Treiber Farms was founded in 2014 by Peter Treiber, Sr. and his son Peter Treiber, Jr. in Peconic, New York. The now 60-acre farm boasts a variety of organically farmed fruits, vegetables, and livestock, supplied to restaurants and individuals across the East End. The family's goal is to bring back the craft of farming as a creative collaboration with nature's raw materials, while serving as a space for the community.

When Peter bought the original 38-acres in 2014, he described it as a blank canvas. He had just sold his family's Brooklyn-based insurance company and was seeing retirement as a chance to fulfill his lifelong dream of having a farm. The farm was untouched for over a decade and was very overgrown at the time. While he had a love for gardening and some experience growing, he had no experience running a farm, so the rehabilitation of the land was slow. 

Peter Jr. came onto the farm in 2016 to formalize it as a family business and the family and community grew and grew alongside the harvest. Today you'll find veggies, from spring asparagus and peas to late summer tomatoes, autumn beets, and a wide range of greens, like tender mustard greens and custom lettuce mixes. In the fruits department their speciality is berries, with a variety of red, black, gold and double gold raspberries. They also harvest honey from their ten hives, raise grass-fed beef cattle alongside Acabonac Farms, grow herbs and edible flowers and even floral bouquets.