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Miranda Capriotti | Outreach & Education Manager |

East End CRAFT

East End Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) is a cooperative effort of local farms organized to enhance educational opportunities for farmers of all skill levels and experience. CRAFT provides farmer-to-farmer learning and access to the social network and culture of local farmers on the East End of Long Island.

East End Food Institute collaborates with CRAFT farm members to organize a series of bi-weekly tours and workshops that run in the spring and the fall each year. The tours and workshops give CRAFT members an opportunity to broaden their knowledge by exploring other farming models than the ones they're associated with. They also get to see a diversity of food producing ventures unique to the East End, such as vineyards, orchards, fish and shellfish hatcheries and more. Local experts add to the experience through lectures and demonstrations. 

Upcoming CRAFT Events

Job Recruitment Service

We know you are busy running and operating your business and preparing for the coming season, so why not let us help out with recruitment? Our Job Recruitment Service is free to our Business Members to help recruit prospective candidates for local farm and food businesses. The program runs from late December through the end of March each year. 

How does it work?

We learn about your business operation, advertise open positions, review first-round applications and match you with prospective candidates. We promote open positions across social media platforms in addition to marketing on targeted job boards and beyond. When we find a match that meets your criteria, we will send you the application directly so you can take the next steps.

Why participate?

Many candidates matched by our team have stayed on the East End to work in food and agriculture. We offer additional learning opportunities for farm and food business employees through the East End chapter of the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT). We collaborate with farm members to organize a series of tours and workshops that run in the spring and fall each year. The CRAFT tours provide an added value for the local workforce, and we strongly encourage all farm members to participate by hosting or attending tours.

How can I sign up?

Our Job Recruitment Service is free to our Business Members. If you need to renew your annual membership, now is a great time to do so. Please refer to our website for a reminder of membership benefits. CRAFT remains a no-cost program with the goal of supporting local farms, food businesses and their teams. 

Our 2023 Job Recruitment application is now open. If you are interested in jumpstarting a career in sustainable food on the East End of Long Island, please see open job descriptions and apply here!