Food Processing


Bob Hatton | Associate Director |

From Produce to Products

East End Food Institute has grown to fulfill a true need in the local food community, working with farms to make products out of their surplus produce... and even feeding those in need during a pandemic. Some of our products return to the shelves at farm stands, others make their way into markets and tasting rooms, and still more end up on the menu at local schools and in food pantries. We are proud to be crafting a more resilient local food system and it’s fun to see how far things have come.

Food Processing Options

  • Private Label: Private label recipes are a great option for farms with surplus produce. We have developed many recipes that can be adapted to various fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Co-Packing: If you have recipes developed, we can help you file the paperwork to certify shelf stable goods and produce those for you. From November to April, we also work with Cornell Food Venture Center to assist small scale manufacturers in scaling their production.
  • Shared Kitchen: The Shared Commercial Kitchen is available for licensed businesses to produce their own products. Bookings are conveniently managed via software system to fit your schedule and production needs.
  • Farm to Food Pantry: Food pantries and other community partners benefit when we purchase large quantities of surplus produce to be processed and frozen for later distribution.